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Our History

Les Pommes Enderle Inc. is a family operated business specializing production, storage and packing of fresh apples.

In the early 1930’s, as the region of Hemmingford is well suited for the production of apples, Mr Rupert Enderle planted his first apple orchard. In 1974, continuing in his fathers footsteps, Joseph Enderle added a small storage and packing house which enabled him to package and deliver apples to the various Montreal markets and stores.

As time went on, Joseph’s three sons Glen, Joey and Danny became more involved and in 1989, they purchased the business from their father and have created what is now known as Les Pommes Enderle Inc.

Our Future

Today, Les Pommes Enderle Inc. have added the involvement of Joey’s four sons, Sean, Nicholas, Jassen and Chad in the business, developing an additional sense of family business and a sentiment of a bright future.

In addition to this succession, the company benefits from being equipped with the latest technologies and their infrastructures allows them to reach a yearly average of 300,000 bushels of apples passing through their apple packing facilities. Over and above their own grown apples, they also purchase apples from numerous local area growers.

Furthermore, their controlled atmosphere storage equipment is state of the art and along with the presence of qualified personnel, enables them to ensure the utmost quality of their product. These infrastructures also allow them to supply customers with apples twelve months a year.

Once, these apples packed, they are distributed within Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, the Maritimes, the Northeast United States and Cuba.